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Are you in the club no one wants to join?

This is a loaded topic for me and mannnnny others, but today I want to talk about something that came up recently regarding family who doesn't 'get it' in understanding the complexities and challenges of our lives after combat. This is a sore topic with me … [Read More...]

Attorney offers help for military and veterans

I'm sorry I've been absent for a little while as a result of my sabbatical, but this email and offer to help came in and I wanted to make sure I passed it along to my readers. Based on his qualifications, I feel he and his law firm would be a valuable asset to … [Read More...]

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The longest goodbye?

This week I am at a writer's workshop and had all intentions of going all gung-ho on writing my book, but something has me so unsettled that I had to break free from the formality of writing my manuscript in order to tell you about it. It's really weighing … [Read More...]

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4 Things I Do When I Get Off Track Via The Internet

My curiosity should not be left alone in a room with the internet. Ah, yes! The internet… The most powerful time-suck ever invented. Most of my work is internet-based, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be abundantly disciplined when it comes to managing my time online. Today I struggled a bit […]

PenFed Foundation “Hero at Home” Contest Recognizes Caregivers

I am sharing this contest with my fellow caregivers and encourage you to apply. I am also sharing the letter I wrote to the PenFed Foundation that explains how this award is a catch-22 for many caregivers.  I encourage everyone who may not be able to apply for the same reasons…to let them know why.  […]


Do You Need to Take a Tactical Pause in Your Life?

Since I wished for a re-do when all hell broke loose at the Shannon House and I clearly won’t be getting it, it’s time for me to engage in a tactical pause in my life. Have you ever taken a ‘tactical pause’ in your life and did it on purpose? Or were you ‘taken out […]


Disabled veteran asks: “Should I be afraid to file for student loan disability discharge?”

I have written about the Department of Education’s Disability Discharge program in the past and have answered gobs of questions (in comments sections) on these previous posts: Original Post: Did you know? Disabled veterans may apply for student loan discharge and forgiveness. Application: CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION in PDF format Complete and detailed information about […]

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From Piles to {Almost} Paperless: Next step – Rough sort your piles

About this series: I know a lot of my friends are struggling with this same issue of not being able to keep up with our paperwork and keeping it organized. Last year I had to get honest with myself and understand how I let things get so out of control. First, I had to take […]


What Is Your Stress Barometer? (The Tale of The Twitchy Eye)

Have you ever had what is best described as a “twitchy eye”? It is the phenomenon where the area around your eye starts to flutter and twitch. It’s annoying. It’s tickly. From your vantage point, you think the person sitting across from you can see your face convulsing uncontrollably. You rub it. You press on […]

{Update #2} “101 in 1001 Days Mission”

It’s time for my second update on the progress of my “101 in 1001 days” life list! If you aren’t familiar with what I am referring to, please see the original post here: 101 in 1001 days life list movement Copy of update #1 is found here My updates are as follows: Everything I have […]


“There is no prosthesis for the brain” – {featuring Lisa K from Texas}

Torrey’s Note: This post was authored by my dear friend and fellow veteran caregiver, Lisa Krohnke. I was really impressed with the message that she shared on her Facebook page that I asked for her permission to reprint it on my blog. In this piece she articulates so well a deeper message that people need […]