Oh, my aching tentacles!

I was just reminiscing about some of the darndest things my kids have said over the years, and this one in particular still makes me laugh out loud when I conjure the memory.

Shortly after we moved to Colorado we drove up to the Colorado Springs Airport to pick up our oldest son, Nick. He was living out of state and came in for a visit. While getting settled in to our new home the few months prior to his visit, the two younger kids (Talon and Drake) were adjusting to the fact that whenever we had to do anything like shopping or doctor appointments, we had to travel quite a distance. It was a significant lifestyle change that Nick had yet to understand or experience.

It also helps to know that at that time, Drake the youngest was a hard-core fan of SpongeBob Squarepants. He would say, “Oh Barnacles!” when something went awry, or ask for a Crabby Patty Sandwich (ie, salmon patty on a bun) when he was hungry. He would eat, breath and sleep around his favorite cartoon character.

On the way back from the airport, Nick was catching up with his little brothers on all the fun things that we’ve done since moving here. About halfway home, Drake was tired of sitting for so long in the car. He said, just like Squidward would have said:

“Oh my aching tentacles!”

Unfortunately, we heard something else. I gasped and asked him to clarify what he said, all the while Nick was choking with laughter thinking he was talking about his little boy parts.

His tentacles hurt. Not his testicles.

That boy kills me sometimes!

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