Swift Kick in the Butt Series: Introduction and Basics to Radically Change Your Life

Get your life back under control. Is your life a mess?  Is your business a mess?  Is there any area of your life that is holding you back, be it physical, social, mental or financial?  Or, are your living circumstances or relationships holding you back?

Think about it: how many elements in your life have gotten so unmanageable simply because you decided at some point that you were too far behind to ever make a difference?

Does that sound like you?  What you need is a swift kick in the butt, my friends!  

(Ask me how I know…)

You can read the story about why I created this series in the first place.  Let’s just say…I know first-hand why this series will be so important for so many.  It is really a demonstration (as embarrassing as it is) of my own personal journey.  I am spilling my guts here so you can learn from someone who has been there too.

This series will teach you how to turn all that chaos in your life around.

FIRST you need to understand WHY you got here to begin with.

It’s really very simple how we all get to that point in our lives, because we all have done it at least once or twice, or in some cases… eleventy hunnert times.

We made it complicated.

More than anything right now, you will need a way to recover your projects from the brink of death — to find the solution that lets you stop making it worse and start seeing your way toward the light of day again.

Before we get started, I need to make something abundantly clear:  I can’t turn your life around.  Only YOU can do it for yourself.

My job in this series is to remind you how to do it.

The Basics You Need To Know

1. Recognize you have a problem.  Admit to yourself that you have shortfalls or problems.  Everyone has them.  The rest of us know it so don’t think you are fooling anybody anyway.  It’s called being human.  The sooner you admit you need help in areas of your life, the better.

2.  You can’t settle for less.  If you are not living your life the way you wish it could be, it’s because you settled for less and relied on excuses as to why you weren’t hellbent for glory to begin with.

Humans are the only species on the planet that will CHOOSE to be less than they could be.

Everything in nature strives to be as big as it can be.  So why are people different?  People choose to be less than they could be because they act on bad information.  Here are a few examples:

  • People listen to experts that tell them how ‘hard’ success can be.  Why?  Because they want you to rely on them to find your own success.  It wouldn’t be profitable for the experts if they told you any different.
  • People have dissenters in their life who would much rather tell them they can’t do something instead of telling them they CAN.  They don’t want you to be successful because that would emphasize their own failures or shortcomings.  Keeping you down is the only way they can equal their playing field.  The dissenters have convinced you to believe what they believe in instead of allowing you to be brave enough to believe in your own self.
  • People have allowed the wrong kinds of motivation to enter their lives.  They’ve listened to others try to motivate you with prompts like, “You are better than that“, “You could have done so much more“, or “If you had just…”  That isn’t motivating anyone.  It is thinly veiled criticism that cuts deep into your self esteem, disguised as motivation to do more or be more.  You are not here to please anyone else.  You are here on this Earth to live your own life, not one that others think you should be living.

By expanding your view of your world and by educating yourself, you can finally believe you can do more.

3.  Little changes create big results.  You have to change what you are doing.  The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what to do.  Just do whatever you’ve been doing…differently.

Now you know the fundamental basics of what it takes to give yourself a swift kick in the butt, let’s get started.

Step 1:  Get your mind in the right place and stop being overwhelmed!  How to take charge again.

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