What we all need is a swift kick in the butt: Getting your life back under control

Get your life back under control.  If you’ve been following my blog, you may notice that I have alluded to the fact that my life has gotten way out of control.  I have let too many variables infiltrate my life, pulling me away from the most basic things.  I’ve let my health get out of control.  My house got out of control.  My ability to function in the most basic ways has been at a bare minimum.  I literally had to pick my battles.

The good news for me is:  I am reclaiming control again, but it is going to take some work.

The good news for you is:  I want to share with you each step I am taking to make this all happen.  Perhaps it will help you in areas of your own life by following my journey, advice, tips and suggestions.  Besides, I figured it will help others not feel so alone in this dilemma!

I plan to talk about (and address) the following topics:

  • What it takes to give yourself a swift kick in the butt and take charge again
  • How to clean your home
  • How to organize your home
  • How to get control of the “paper monster” that invades everything
  • How to save money
  • How to make money (for those like me who work from home)
  • How to create your perfect cleaning schedule
  • How to put yourself first and still find balance in your life
  • How to manage your time wisely
  • How to stay motivated

And many, many more!

So how am I going to do this?

First, a little history:

Back in December 1999 I joined the newly-formed group run by “The FlyLady”.  She designed a system to keep your house clean and manage your life.  The group had about 5,000 members at the time, if I remember correctly.  Now she has millions of followers.  I followed her system to the “T” and was pretty good at it for a number of years off and on.  However, I fell off the wagon many times.  Right now is one of those times.

It’s not just my house.  It’s everything.  My life is full of chaos in every way possible.  There are so many outside variables that have factored into this state of chaos that I wondered if I would ever see my life, my home, my credit, my paperwork, my schedule…my writing…my SANITY…come back to a centered and balanced state.

Does this sound like you?  Welcome to the club!

This state of affairs sucks because I actually used to make a living out of running my own maid service.  How ironic that a successful maid service owner now can’t keep her home clean and running smoothly even with all those years of experience as a FlyBaby?

I beat myself up over it for far too long.  Life happens to the best of us.  There will not be any shame attached to this journey.  No sir-eee!

The thing I have learned about the FlyLady system is that it is not a good fit for me.  I am in no way denouncing its value; rather, I am just saying I have learned a lot about myself through all of this chaos.  The basic elements of the program are still good for me, but the execution of it is not a right fit for my personality and cleaning style.

So.  I am devising my own system and putting all the pieces of the puzzle called “life” back together again.  And I am going to share it with you.

Are you ready?  We start tomorrow and it will actually be fun.  There is no ‘work’ involved in the first lesson at all.

What areas of your life do you need the most help with?  Add it in your comments below and I will put it on my blog schedule.  I hope you’ll continue reading my blog and follow me in this journey!

CONTINUE TO STEP 1:  Introduction and Basics to Radically Change Your Life

The focus of this week –Get your mind in the right place and stop being overwhelmed!

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  1. says

    Hi Torrey,
    I can completely relate to life being turned upside down. In our case we became 2nd time around parents to 3 or our grandchildren. My home went from everything having a place to “Honey, have you seen my comb?” “No, did you check the kitty litter box?”

    There are days when I miss my “old life” of doing something once and it would stay that way for a few days, but I would not trade the hugs and kisses I’m getting now. Finding the balance between order and chaos has helped us to enjoy the “gift” we been given.


    P.S. Update on our story. We are now down to 1 full time grandchild, unless you count my son and his 2 year old who moved in with us a few months ago!

    • says

      Wow Ruth! That is a drastic change! Although our circumstances were different, here is a little added background to the story about how my house/life/balance spun way out of control.

      We took in a family of six back in October. It wasn’t until this week that our last guest left. For the majority of that time our modest 3 bedroom home had 10 people in it! Our well was giving us just a trickle of water. Laundry piled up. Dishes piled up. Mopping was no longer an option. Just getting a shower was a major triumph.

      The other family had four kids ages 5 and under, and the Momma wasn’t too keen on my idea of doing things like wiping their hands and faces after dinner or sticking to the “no food unless it is at the table” rule. My house got trashed and every surface was either crusty or sticky. The Momma didn’t clean up after them, but she did pick things up, but the stickies and puddles were up to me to clean up. I think the most housework she did was to wipe down the counters after I cleaned the entire kitchen after feeding 10 people in bulk. Clean a bathroom? Heck, no. That wasn’t her job.

      I had no time to even THINK or PEE, let alone do regular everyday tasks. The Momma was causing all kinds of problems. Long story short, we had to have the Momma removed from our home by police escort.

      The aftermath was not pretty. I had 38 DVD/games go broken or missing. My expensive blinds are all torn up. All the things I had to cram into higher ground or into a storage room by the water heater…are still waiting for me to unearth and put back into their original places. My couches stink and are no longer comfy. My carpets are dirty and stained. It’s like my entire house threw up and gave up on us.

      The exhaustion and depression that came as a result of this kind of stress and depleted environment took its toll. I got very, very sick for six weeks. I had no energy whatsoever to get this house (and my life) under control again. I needed a swift kick in the butt.

      If it were my own family, I would have muscled through it. Then again, if it were my own family, they wouldn’t have left me holding the bag in such major ways.

      I am glad your grandbabies have had your support. Not everyone is willing to make such a huge commitment! Now the only way people are coming into my house is if they are family in the first place.


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