Announcing: The Extreme Do-Over Experiment

Do you wish you were happier? Would you like to figure out ways to find contentment and control in your daily life?

Perhaps the duties of being a mom, wife or caregiver, or the stresses at work are consuming you. Or maybe you’re just not satisfied with the status quo and want to reclaim a passionate, purposeful life.

Are you looking for that second chance to do things right? Are you stuck in the midst of chaos and among issues you cannot control?

Happiness is more than a state of mind – it is a skill to be learned and practiced.

Like many of you, I wanted a second chance to do things right.

My wish for a ‘do-over’ included five main areas of my everyday life: Home, Health, Relationships, Finances and overall Quality of Life.

If you’re ready to focus on yourself and think about small changes you can make in your life, to boost your happiness and finally find balance and control, you can follow along in my journey called the Extreme Do-Over Experiment. The Extreme Do-Over Experiment  is my brainchild where I transform my own life bit by bit, day by day. Each day in this series I will address the key areas of my life that I wanted to change. Then I will share the journey of how I managed to change it, what I learned, and how you can do it too.

If you are ready to join me and get started, here’s what you will need to know:

The Extreme Do-Over Experiment begins!

The Basics: What this Experiment isn’t

Food for thought: How did I get here and how do I get to a place called Anywhere but Here?

First things first: Steps to create your own weekly planning retreat {I put this on my calendar and do it every Sunday}

10 tips to get you out of a crisis mode: how to infuse simplicity and self care on an emergency basis

Top 10 tips to do for when the going gets tough

If you are having a bad day, read this…

The Rules of the Experiment:

Rule #1: You have permission to give up {in all the right ways!}

Rule #2: Remember, it will get worse before it gets better {but when it gets better, it’s incredibly better!}

Rule #3: Stacking your habits so they stick {it’s easier than you think!}

Rule #4: Learn how to be flawesome {there is no right way, just your way}

Rule #5: Find your weapons of mass distraction {seriously easy tips here that will save you from tons of interruptions}

Rule #6: Add margin in your life

Rule #7: Take a tactical pause in your life

Taking Stock of Your Life:

The Basics: {Step 1} Identify the roles in your life

The Basics: {Step 2} Define the roles in your life

The Basics: {Step 3} The Big Brain Dump

The Basics: {Step 4} Getting your brain dump on file [with free worksheet]

The Basics: {Step 5} Create a calendar system that works for you

The Habits:

The basics of taking care of you

{DIY Project} Create a Do-it-Yourself Pampering Kit

Adding Margin: Getting better rest

Organize and pay attention to your health (with my “no diet or exercise” approach)

Helping others create habits and routines

Cut nagging time down to a minimum: Easy reminder system for those with memory problems

Staying organized

Prioritizing Your To-Do List: Getting the Right Things Done using 5 simple questions

How old is your oldest item on your to-do list?

The 2 most important things I do to keep my sanity each day


From piles to (almost) paperless: The Great Paper Purge

Introduction: Taming the paper monster

Step 1: Setting up your master filing system

From Piles to {Almost} Paperless: Next step – Rough sort your piles

Tying up loose ends

Menu Plans:

{Guest Post} January Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List (with free printables)

My “getting my schtuff together” diary:


Reducing my distractions even more

Muddled Mind


The excitement (and relief) of the New Year

About that meltdown I had on Facebook the other day

Guilty as charged

Starting where I stand

Taking a ‘time out’ from the chaos

Oh what a difference a year (or two) makes!

(more will be added as we go…check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed for updates!)

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