The best advice I can give to another caregiver in two minutes or less

No one will give you a handbook.  There isn’t one! There is no recipe to follow. Only you can find the spice that makes your skillet sizzle. Sometimes — no matter how hard you try or how careful you are — the dish will come out salty.

You can’t change your circumstances – you can only change yourself and your thoughts, opinions and beliefs about your circumstances. The one you love will have to want to change. Take the lead and show them the way.

You will want to give up. Exhaustion, deprivation, depletion and toxicity will take root. Turn inward long enough to refuel your reserves. Then get back out there and claim victory.

The end is only a new beginning. Own your story and live it. Then get out there and tell it. Others need to hear it so perhaps they can find the spice that makes their own skillet sizzle.

You are not alone.

It is going to be okay.

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Torrey Shannon

My name is Torrey Shannon and I am a writer, author, blogger, movie consultant, speaker, veteran's advocate and Blue Star Mom. I am also a full-time caregiver and spouse of a wounded warrior. My husband survived a gunshot wound to the head in a gunfight in Iraq in 2004 after serving in the Army for more than 23 years. We spent three years of his recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He has severe PTSD and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Dealing with the invisible wounds of war first-hand allows me to bring a human element to the problems our military communities face. Blogging gives me the chance to do what I love the most: write about life after combat and help create awareness and solutions for military members and their families. When I am not writing here, I freelance for a variety of publications and media outlets and am currently writing a book.