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Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog!  This blog targets a variety of audiences and is spoken from a unique perspective not typically found in other blogs. You’d be crazy if you didn’t advertise here!

Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and armed with insight and an incredible sense of humor, I deliver an insider’s glimpse in overcoming life’s greatest challenges while authoring my first non-fiction novel. I do this while living 45 miles from the nearest traffic light at an elevation of 9,100′ above sea level.  That, in itself, is part of my adventure.

The basics you need to know:

Audience Snapshot:

Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-44, have children, received some college education and browse this site from home. The majority of this site’s readers have ties to the military and/or wounded warrior community.

Stats as of January 2013:

Total number of blog and social media followers exceeded 7,000 with a pagerank of 3.  (As of February 2013, pagerank is now 4)

The average visitor stayed on the site between 5 and 19 minutes per visit with a bounce rate of less than 15%. Pageviews average more than 15,000 views per month. Visitors to the site view 10.5 unique pages each day on average.

I am now part of the BlogHer Social Media Influencer Program.

My Alexa ranking averages <360,000 worldwide, and <90,000 in the US (out of 155+ million blogs and 555 million sites overall). This site and my reader-base are growing exponentially each month.

You’ll probably want to confirm that I have more Klout influence than some Presidential candidates and celebrities (averaging between 65 to 74).  Then again, that may not be saying much:  I am still trying to get my kids to listen to me.

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More about me and why people resonate with this blog:

You may learn more about my story and how I became involved in multiple Pulitzer-Prize stories, thus becoming a central character in a docu-drama slotted for the big screen by going here: About Torrey

I’ve served on the State of Colorado American Legion’s VA&R Committee for the last two years and am currently serving as one of the 20 inaugural Caregiver Fellows of the newly-formed Dole Foundation, working directly with Senator Elizabeth Dole. In the past I served as the Executive Director of Cleaning for Heroes, a grassroots nonprofit that grew to a national nonprofit within the first year of my term.

I am writing for, or have written on the following sites:

I’ve been in the news and major print media a gazillion times. Never for illegal activity, I must say. Things like Reader’s Digest, GQ Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Washington Post, CBS Evening News…the list is pretty long.

I am not shy.

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Other things  you need to know

Until I decide to join an advertising network, I will consider performing product reviews and hosting ads on this site if I feel they may add significant value to my online community.  I welcome requests from PR firms, business owners and websites ranging from mom-and-pops all the way up to corporate giants. I believe in equal opportunity.

I will give an honest opinion and detailed review of your product or service because my readers will appreciate the perspective.  I will always give full disclosure if I was compensated for my review.

Keep in mind, my blog is not primarily a review site.  I am very careful on what I select for my awesome readers here.

At the same time, I am particularly interested in items I can give away for free to my readers. You see, unlike many other blog site owners, I’d rather give than take.  That’s how I roll.

If you insist that I personally accept your items for review, here are my favorite choices:

  • Products or services that make my life easier; and,
  • Things I can use frequently; that,
  • Will improve our quality of life; or
  • Things I can pimp out easily and just make good business sense.  Don’t offer to send me a self-propelled yo-yo or live kittens.  I’ll mock you.

As my son Drake the Pitchman says:

But Wait!  If that wasn’t good enough, there’s more!


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That’s twice the value of other sites at half the cost.  Consider it my contribution to society.

If you want in, click the ad spots above to get started. Questions or interested in a giveaway? Just email:  media [at] torreyshannon [dot] com.  It’s really that simple.