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Attorney offers help for military and veterans

I'm sorry I've been absent for a little while as a result of my sabbatical, but this email and offer to help came in and I wanted to make sure I passed it along to my readers. Based on his qualifications, I feel he and his law firm would be a valuable asset to … [Read More...]

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The longest goodbye?

This week I am at a writer's workshop and had all intentions of going all gung-ho on writing my book, but something has me so unsettled that I had to break free from the formality of writing my manuscript in order to tell you about it. It's really weighing … [Read More...]



Have you ever been on the precipice of something big in your life but you just couldn't put your finger on what it was? Like, you knew that your life was going to change (or needed to change) and that it was just beyond your reach and hiding behind a veil that … [Read More...]

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“How I Created My First E-Book” link you should check out!

I follow Rachelle Gardner’s blog and really enjoy it.  She is a literary agent based out of my home state in Denver.  She provides excellent advice and resources on her blog, both for publishers and those who wish to be published.  You should follow her blog if you are a writer.  She never disappoints me. […]


Why I need my own parental controls

Or, “My Fight Against Digital Distraction” A funny thing happened on Tuesday night. My internet took a total dump. I mean, a total blackout of all internet access inside my home. I am ashamed to say that I yelled “GLORY BE! and THANKYOULORDJESUS!” like a televangelist on crack when I realized I still had access […]

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Oh what a difference a year {or two} makes!

Or: “Don’t give up. Just give yourself more time to get where you want to be.” Every year in February we participate in the Challenge Aspen program for a week of ski instruction for the family. As I was preparing for our trip this year, I had an epiphany I wanted to share. We moved […]

Taking control of your life one list at a time

There was a time in my life that my “to-do” list easily fit in my memory bank.  I was blessed with a talent for having a near-photographic memory.  I could remember phone numbers, dates, details, and names even after the information became obsolete.  To this day I remember my childhood phone number, my elementary school […]


Wanting isn’t so bad, is it?

I struggle with wanting more when I have so much to be thankful for already. I crave more. I ache for things that may or may not ever come. I wish along the way. I want my husband to be whole again; mind, body, heart and soul. Isn’t it enough that he is still with […]

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The Tale of the Recipe Box

In 1999 I went on a pilgrimage to Dresden, Ohio to visit the Longaberger basket factory. I was thrilled when I walked away with a full recipe box set, complete with the basket, index cards, recipe cards and the ornamental “recipes” medallion affixed to the front of the setup. I felt grown up for a […]


“There is no prosthesis for the brain” – {featuring Lisa K from Texas}

Torrey’s Note: This post was authored by my dear friend and fellow veteran caregiver, Lisa Krohnke. I was really impressed with the message that she shared on her Facebook page that I asked for her permission to reprint it on my blog. In this piece she articulates so well a deeper message that people need […]

Remnants Left Behind

  It is elusive to the naked eye. You cannot see it. It stalks and overtakes its unsuspected victims around the clock. It stops for no one; has mercy on none. It makes a pulse race, saturates skin with sweat and pulls air out of lungs. Stomachs vomit and bowels release when it arrives. It […]


New App for Military Families

This is pretty cool, y’all. Have you ever wished for a road map when you were going through major military life transitions such as: Having a Baby Reintegration Transitioning out of the military Spouse Education Spouse Employment The Basics Survivors Deployment Moving Raising Kids Well, good news! There is an app for that! MyMilitaryLife is […]


Torrey’s Tip of the Day: Don’t be alarmed if your husband yells at a flushing toilet

(This might be based on a true story, which may or may not have happened yesterday morning.) Once upon a time there was a man.  He is not a ‘normal’ man, per se, but he’s still a man.  Minding his own business, the man took care of business in the quiet solitude of his sanctuary.  […]

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