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Stage 1 of the baby book is underway!

Blog Hop: State of the Union {volume 1}

Welcome to the first edition of the State of the Union series. The goal was to offer a glimpse into the details of my life and show a bigger picture overall....I wanted people to truly understand the complexities of our life and see what's milling around … [Read More...]

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State of the Union {introduction to series}

Have you ever said to yourself, "If people could only see my life...!"? I know I have! Most of the time it's because they (ie, anyone outside our home) just. don't. get. it.  They don't see the chaos. They don't see the internal angst. They don't see the … [Read More...]


How I am decluttering my schedule to live my desired life

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to’.” ―Lao Tzu (Torrey's Note: I hope that after reading this post, you’ll think less about the 'right time' and the 'right things' and think more about the best feelings. And … [Read More...]

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Extreme Do-Over Basics: What this experiment isn’t

Before we get too far into this experiment, I think it is important to let you know what this experiment isn’t. What you can expect (or not expect) from the Extreme Do-Over Experiment series: I needed a life management system that served as a blueprint to take back control of my life, but it needed […]

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A Military Mom’s Mother’s Day Wish For Her Children

(Torrey’s note: I wrote a similar version of this and it was published in the Huffington Post.  I hope you enjoy!) Dear Kids, With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share my wish list so you know what I want. It’s a simple list, really. This way Dad won’t feel guilty if he’s […]


Hello, again…

I’ve wanted to write this many times over the last few weeks but I’ve been in a constant state of overwhelm. Before I get into the logistics of what has transpired since my last post, I feel compelled to preface this post with some important disclaimers. For starters: I’ve been through much worse and got […]

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Swift Kick in the Butt Series, Week 1: Breaking it down into smaller pieces

This week in the “Swift Kick in the Butt” series, we will be talking about getting your mind in the right place so you can stop being overwhelmed. I know a lot of you are thinking to yourself, “Enough with the talk already, I am motivated NOW and want to start getting things done.  Just […]

So what’s this blog all about?

What is this blog about? It’s about a lot of things, really. You can follow me as I go through the ups and downs of writing my first novel – the learning process, writing tips and hints, resources to start in your own journey, and strategies on how to deal with overcoming the obstacles that […]


{Guest Post} Why being a highly-trained leader is not helping you get hired

Today I am sharing a guest post by Lisa Villont. She and I were discussing some VERY interesting feedback she received by civilian employers as to why they are not hiring veterans. If you are a veteran who is having trouble finding work, this will give you some incredible insight, ways to optimize your resume, […]


Hidden costs of running a popular blog (or, “why mine costs more than yours”)

Torrey’s Note: This post is just over 3,000 words and took approximately 2.5 hours to create. If I didn’t love you or love blogging, I’d have spent that time elsewhere. You WON’T find this information anywhere else. I hope you’ll read through!  Once Upon a Time Once upon a time I blogged on a free […]

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