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Attorney offers help for military and veterans

I'm sorry I've been absent for a little while as a result of my sabbatical, but this email and offer to help came in and I wanted to make sure I passed it along to my readers. Based on his qualifications, I feel he and his law firm would be a valuable asset to … [Read More...]

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The longest goodbye?

This week I am at a writer's workshop and had all intentions of going all gung-ho on writing my book, but something has me so unsettled that I had to break free from the formality of writing my manuscript in order to tell you about it. It's really weighing … [Read More...]



Have you ever been on the precipice of something big in your life but you just couldn't put your finger on what it was? Like, you knew that your life was going to change (or needed to change) and that it was just beyond your reach and hiding behind a veil that … [Read More...]

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Top 10 Tips I Learned To Do For When the Going Gets Tough

(Pin this post on Pinterest) I know things COULD be worse, but oftentimes we just have a sense of overwhelm that puts us in a tailspin. Can you relate? Things have been pretty tough lately at the Shannon household. I’ve had a twitchy eye since the first week of November that just won’t go away. […]

VA News Release: Disability Claims Initiative Reduces Processing Time, Adds Convenience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 31, 2013 Disability Claims Initiative Reduces Processing Time, Adds Convenience Medical Records Review Can Eliminate In-Person Exam Requirement   WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a new initiative that could eliminate the requirement for an in-person medical examination for some Veterans and shorten the time it takes to […]


Torrey’s Top 10 Recommended Veteran Nonprofits

  Over the years, I have come in contact with nonprofits who go above and beyond the call of duty to assist OEF/OIF (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom) wounded veterans and their families in their road to recovery.  I have composed a list of my top 10 recommendations in no particular order.  If you are […]

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From Piles to {Almost} Paperless: Next step – Rough sort your piles

About this series: I know a lot of my friends are struggling with this same issue of not being able to keep up with our paperwork and keeping it organized. Last year I had to get honest with myself and understand how I let things get so out of control. First, I had to take […]


Breaking radio silence for this announcement

Breaking ‘radio’ silence for a moment for some quick tidbits about what’s going on lately that lead me to setting some distance and boundaries to address Dan and our family’s needs. First of all, (and many caregivers are intimately aware of this trend), we are entering what we call Dan’s “anniversary” period. It happens every […]

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The secret ingredient to moving on in life after combat

(Or, “Mourning the loss of what once was”) I realize it’s been a few days since I last posted but life got a bit hectic again. Today’s post will be short and sweet in the context of how much I could really say. Because I am short on time and this is a complex issue, […]

{Update #1} “101 in 1001 Days Mission”

It’s time for my first update on the progress of my “101 in 1001 days” life list! If you aren’t familiar with what I am referring to, please see the original post here: 101 in 1001 days life list movement My updates are as follows: Everything I have started is italicized. Everything I’ve completed is […]

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Dear outsiders looking in: Don’t let the appearance of normal days fool you

A relatively new blogger on the caregiver scene wrote a fantastic post about her feeling a need to explain or apologize whenever her wounded warrior has a good day. He’s able to participate in the family on these days. He’s able to get out of the house on these days. They feel like they have […]

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