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Attorney offers help for military and veterans

I'm sorry I've been absent for a little while as a result of my sabbatical, but this email and offer to help came in and I wanted to make sure I passed it along to my readers. Based on his qualifications, I feel he and his law firm would be a valuable asset to … [Read More...]

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The longest goodbye?

This week I am at a writer's workshop and had all intentions of going all gung-ho on writing my book, but something has me so unsettled that I had to break free from the formality of writing my manuscript in order to tell you about it. It's really weighing … [Read More...]



Have you ever been on the precipice of something big in your life but you just couldn't put your finger on what it was? Like, you knew that your life was going to change (or needed to change) and that it was just beyond your reach and hiding behind a veil that … [Read More...]

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Are You Concerned About a Veteran? The Veterans Crisis Line Can Help

About the Veterans Crisis Line: The Veterans Crisis Line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text messaging. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to […]

Update on the GoFundMe campaign

Earlier this month I posted a campaign to raise money to keep this website running. That was not easy for me to do. I had to swallow my pride and ask for help to cover the costs of running it. Well, I am so glad I did! I am thrilled to announce that within a […]

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From Piles to {Almost} Paperless: Next step – Rough sort your piles

About this series: I know a lot of my friends are struggling with this same issue of not being able to keep up with our paperwork and keeping it organized. Last year I had to get honest with myself and understand how I let things get so out of control. First, I had to take […]


What Is Your Stress Barometer? (The Tale of The Twitchy Eye)

Have you ever had what is best described as a “twitchy eye”? It is the phenomenon where the area around your eye starts to flutter and twitch. It’s annoying. It’s tickly. From your vantage point, you think the person sitting across from you can see your face convulsing uncontrollably. You rub it. You press on […]


Swift Kick in the Butt Series: Stop Being a Weenie and Get Into Reality!

For the courage impaired, this post is for you.  It’s time to grow a pair! Have you ever had this problem – you decide you’re going to do something already and you are all pumped up, you’re all guns a-blazin’, hellbent for glory, ready to tear it up and crank it out — and then […]

Meet Mark Brogan (VIDEO) – Explaining TBI

Today I am going to share a very candid and honest video which was recorded by Mark Brogan.  Mark and his wife Sunny are champions for everything they have been through, which they have continued to do for almost five years.  They bring a human element to the topic of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and […]


Top 10 Tips I Learned To Do For When the Going Gets Tough

(Pin this post on Pinterest) I know things COULD be worse, but oftentimes we just have a sense of overwhelm that puts us in a tailspin. Can you relate? Things have been pretty tough lately at the Shannon household. I’ve had a twitchy eye since the first week of November that just won’t go away. […]


EDOE Rule #2: Remember, it will get worse before it gets better

Before you get too far into the Extreme Do-Over Experiment, I need you to think about this: You know how you step into a room in your house and find it is a total mess? Perhaps you made the mess. Perhaps other people did. Either way, it’s got to be cleaned and organized. You decide […]

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VA Caregiver Stipend pay is actually not late {official response from VA enclosed}

About a month ago I shared some information about a potential for an upcoming pay increase for Post 9/11 Caregivers. This month many caregivers are concerned because their pay has been ‘delayed’. I’d like to help clear up any confusion about this issue, if I may. Look at your award letter It’s true that up […]

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