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The longest goodbye?

This week I am at a writer's workshop and had all intentions of going all gung-ho on writing my book, but something has me so unsettled that I had to break free from the formality of writing my manuscript in order to tell you about it. It's really weighing … [Read More...]



Have you ever been on the precipice of something big in your life but you just couldn't put your finger on what it was? Like, you knew that your life was going to change (or needed to change) and that it was just beyond your reach and hiding behind a veil that … [Read More...]

Stage 1 of the baby book is underway!

Blog Hop: State of the Union {volume 1}

Welcome to the first edition of the State of the Union series. The goal was to offer a glimpse into the details of my life and show a bigger picture overall....I wanted people to truly understand the complexities of our life and see what's milling around … [Read More...]

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Senator Feinstein, PTSD is not a “new phenomenon of the Iraq war”

I am reposting (with permission) an excellent letter written by Shawn Gourley and addressed to Senator Feinstein. Please share this with as many people as you can so we may get this issue to a wider audience. It’s time we sent a clear message: The stigma of PTSD needs to end, and it starts with […]


Breaking radio silence for this announcement

Breaking ‘radio’ silence for a moment for some quick tidbits about what’s going on lately that lead me to setting some distance and boundaries to address Dan and our family’s needs. First of all, (and many caregivers are intimately aware of this trend), we are entering what we call Dan’s “anniversary” period. It happens every […]

{Update #2} “101 in 1001 Days Mission”

It’s time for my second update on the progress of my “101 in 1001 days” life list! If you aren’t familiar with what I am referring to, please see the original post here: 101 in 1001 days life list movement Copy of update #1 is found here My updates are as follows: Everything I have […]

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Essential Oils for Cleaning and Aromatherapy: Ten best uses in your home

In the spirit of this month’s RD edition of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You” I am sharing more secrets with my blog readers.  You won’t read these tips in Reader’s Digest! I rounded up some of the most popular scents in my essential oil stash, most noted for their aromatic and cleaning benefits, […]


Hello, again…

I’ve wanted to write this many times over the last few weeks but I’ve been in a constant state of overwhelm. Before I get into the logistics of what has transpired since my last post, I feel compelled to preface this post with some important disclaimers. For starters: I’ve been through much worse and got […]

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How old is your oldest item on your to-do list?

Do you have an item to do that is so small and {likely} inconsequential that it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list to make room for more important things? Have you ever thought about how LONG that item (or items) have stayed at the bottom of the list? If you are […]

Remnants Left Behind

  It is elusive to the naked eye. You cannot see it. It stalks and overtakes its unsuspected victims around the clock. It stops for no one; has mercy on none. It makes a pulse race, saturates skin with sweat and pulls air out of lungs. Stomachs vomit and bowels release when it arrives. It […]

VA News Release: Disability Claims Initiative Reduces Processing Time, Adds Convenience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 31, 2013 Disability Claims Initiative Reduces Processing Time, Adds Convenience Medical Records Review Can Eliminate In-Person Exam Requirement   WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a new initiative that could eliminate the requirement for an in-person medical examination for some Veterans and shorten the time it takes to […]


New York Times/Retro Report: Walter Reed: The Battle for Recovery

          On Monday the New York Times distributed the Retro Report documentary that we were in. You can read the original stories by clicking the following links: Retro Report: Walter Reed: The Battle for Recovery In 2007, the scandalous treatment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center shocked the […]

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CBS Evening News on Caregiver Stress and Secondary PTSD: Letting my deep secrets out for the world to see (VIDEO)

“You keep convincing yourself that the worst is behind you, and I think that’s what helps you keep going.” ~ Torrey Shannon, CBS Evening News interview I, along with three other caregivers, was featured on Monday night’s CBS Evening News discussing a very important topic: Caregiver Stress and Secondary PTSD. In this post I will […]

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