Swift Kick in the Butt Series, Week 2: Working Smarter, Not Harder! Finding time, energy and balance

This week in the series, I am going to focus on ways of finding more time, energy and balance.  In order to do that, we have to work smarter and not harder. It also means there will be a cleansing of all your mental, physical and digital clutter.

It’s time to shift your perspective just a little bit, just like I had to do.  It is time to review Covey’s Four Quadrants: I personally needed the review, and thought that some of you may also benefit from it as well.

Covey’s Four Quadrants says that the things we do in life can be organized into 4 quadrants:

After going through my own life inventory over the last few months, I sensed where my time was really spent, but couldn’t visualize it enough to have an ‘ah-hah!’ moment.  All I knew was I was completely stretched to the limit.  I did not feel any sense of peace and contentment at all.  I knew I was not in control of my life.

I could identify the last seven years consisting of one crisis after another.  A lot of it was usually a result of other people’s problems and drama that I didn’t create to begin with, or things I could not get a grip on to get ahead.  I also knew my time was being wasted because the clutter in my life was slowly taking over.  Whether it was junk mail, toxic people seeping into my life, physical items getting stuffed into every corner of my living space, spam emails, or other types of interruptions that came from every direction, I was getting derailed by the inane minutia of it all.

It wasn’t until I actually looked at this graph that it all started to make sense of where my time was being wasted and where it really needed to be.  It took looking at this graph for me to finally SEE it for what it was and understand it — instead of only feeling it.  The graph made it all click in my head in a logical and tangible way!

End conclusion:  I have been living my life out of Quadrant 1 and 3 almost exclusively.

We need to be living out of Quadrant 2.  We also need to be removing the elements of Quadrant 4 entirely.

I have already begun that process and want to share the ways I have been shifting myself into the proper Quadrants.  The advice I am going to share in the next week will save you so much time and energy! 

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