“How I Created My First E-Book” link you should check out!

I follow Rachelle Gardner’s blog and really enjoy it.  She is a literary agent based out of my home state in Denver.  She provides excellent advice and resources on her blog, both for publishers and those who wish to be published.  You should follow her blog if you are a writer.  She never disappoints me.

While I decide on whether to go with a traditional publisher or jump into self-publishing, I found this excellent resource on her blog that I wanted to share with you.

Take a peek at today’s guest post by Mary DeMuth that explains in great detail “the seven steps for publishing your e-book.”

She. is. my. hero.

This is the first time I’ve encountered a very simple, easy-to-understand tutorial (with links) for every step in the process.  This means I will have less gray hair to look forward to in trying to piece together every step and find the resources in which to do them (if I do go with the self-publishing route).

As a side note, I’ll be traveling soon and my blog content will be light this week, but I wanted to announce that when I return I’ll be doing a giveaway to one lucky subscriber.  I plan to do more than one, actually, but the first one will start next week.

The prize will be a $100 gift certificate good for more than 15,000+ restaurants from Restaurant.com.  I figured I’d treat one of my readers/commenters to dinner as my way to say “Thanks!” for reading my blog!

This giveaway is sponsored by ME.

Yes, I love you that much.  <3

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